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Love For Maths

Most children don't do poorly because they are stupid. They can't achieve grades because they have poor role models who don't have time to listen to their needs.

In fact, our experience shows that once they have a supportive environment, those with good grades become excellent, and those with poor grades often transform to astound!

Three Key Reasons

Why Your Child Is Not Getting The Best Results


Usually this means your original exposure to maths is weak. Your teachers, when teaching in a large class setting, could not help you understand it well.
With limiting beliefs about yourself, applying the wrong approach, no wonder it feels hard. We handle this by being patient and explain basic concepts differently to strengthen foundations!


You are likely to give up easily only when you dislike the feeling of failure. This reinforces your sense of inadequacy. We combat this by being encouraging, and letting you know that the mistake is a good learning experience.
Feedback is the best way to improve. You then will learn to trust yourself and your capabilities to do a better job next time.


Almost all students who "hate" maths only see numbers and repetitive tasks. We eliminate this problem by enabling students like you to "see" mathematics from the lens of your interests.
When you incorporate what you like, such as hobbies, into understanding math concepts, you realise how easy it is to apply mathematics into the real world.
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    Why Our Students Love Maths Magik


    Our Students

    Maths Master Coach

    Felicia Yap

    Felicia is a coach specializing in Primary, Secondary, IP, IB and JC Mathematics. She has provided tutoring services since 2004. Based on a belief that with a systematic approach,
    Maths can be made simple for anyone. Being a patient, caring and kind teacher as most commonly described by her students, Ms Felicia has helped many students improved their Mathematics, helping failing students achieve ‘A’s, turning their most feared subject, into their most loved subject.
    Today her approach in teaching Mathematics has helped many students achieve their target score and helped develop their passion in Mathematics.
    Some of her lists of students include students from ACS(I), SJI, MGS, RGS, Nanyang Girls High who are in IP, IB programme and O levels, ACJC, SAJC, HCI, RV, CJC in JC as well as Maris Stella, MGS, Nanyang, ACS and Pei Hwa Pri.
    Why Choose Us?

    Benefits of Learning from Maths Magik

    Maths Magik offers a comprehensive curriculum and engaging resources for effective learning. With personalized support and guidance, students can excel in math and reach their full potential.

    Trusted by more than 100 students

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